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Examples of fraternization include going to one another’s private homes or to clubs together, dating, sexual activities or any kind of favoritism.The senior ranking officer in such situations is considered to have greater ability to promptly discontinue any behaviors in breach of policy, but both soldiers are considered equally accountable.Unprofessional relationships can exist between officers, between enlisted members, between officers and enlisted members, and between military personnel and civilian employees or contractor personnel.The Air Force frowns on personal relationships between officers and enlisted members, both on and off-duty.The Air Force and its work environments differ greatly from what you find in a civilian work environment, with missions involving difficult challenges, hardships and the potential for injury and even death.

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The custom against fraternization in the Air Force extends beyond organizational and chain of command lines.

Should two soldiers of the same rank be married and one of them receive a promotion, all precautions will be taken to avoid putting them in a direct line of command.