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For information on Certificate of Occupancy requirements please contact the Planning Agency at (714) 647-5804.

- Planning & Building Agency Every business operating from residential premises within the City is required to obtain a Home Occupation Permit and comply with any and all applicable provisions of the City of Santa Ana Municipal Code relating to home-based businesses.

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Parking is available in the Civic Center Plaza, off Santa Ana Blvd. The Business Tax staff can verify if a business has an active business license as well as the business name, type of license, business start date, business telephone number and location over the telephone (due to legal restrictions additional information may not be provided).

Requests for additional information must be made in writing.

Home businesses must apply for and receive an approved Home Occupation Permit before they apply and pay for their Business License. For information on obtaining a Home Occupation Permit please contact the Planning & Building Agency at (714) 647-5804.

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Owners, partners, corporate officers or the authorized representatives of corporate officers may apply for a business license by coming in person to City Hall and obtaining and completing the appropriate application, or they may contact the business tax office by telephone to have the applications mailed, emailed, or faxed.Fictitious name statements are filed with the Orange County Clerk’s Office, located at 560 N.

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