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24-Sep-2019 19:47

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Ronald “Ron” Hill, president of the West Chester Restaurant Association.

“On the other hand, we’re also mindful of the safety considerations involved.

Nudism was particularly popular in East Germany, or German Democratic Republic as it was known.

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But why I of this wonderful little town.” Now, Comitta says, she will be able to devote her full and undivided attention to serving her district in the State Legislature during the week, while becoming a founding member of the new Barclay Nudist Colony on the weekends.Said local radio personality Bill Mason, of WCHE-1520 AM, “I wouldn’t get too excited about this if I were you.Forget sausages and beer, the sign of true German-ness is publicly disrobing with absolutely zero self-consciousness.And I myself intend to be right up in front of those protest marches, preferably with an unobstructed view of all of that sinning!

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” While many local residents we interviewed expressed surprise and shock at the announcement, a few seemed unexcited about the plan.At that time, the Borough acceded to the demands of a well-organized group of local residents to purchase the property and keep it as open space.