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I am a Kink Aware, Poly Friendly, board certified sex therapist (CST) who works with the LGBTQ communities.

Together we will work on making your relationships healthy and satisfying.

""I am passionate about discovering my patients unique strengths and perceived challenges.

""If you find yourself feeling stuck or lost, disconnected or out of control, or like an outsider in your sexual or romantic relationships, I welcome you to the start of your healing journey.

I welcome anyone, regardless of sexual orientation, ethnicity, race, or religion.

""I want to help you regain that spark you once had in your sex life!

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I also work with my wife as a co-therapy team providing counseling services for couples..""Do you and your partner have difficulty communicating and understanding each other?I understand that reaching out for help can be a difficult first step when you feel as though the life you are living is not the one you envisioned having.Perhaps you are struggling with one of your key relationships and you are feeling frustrated, helpless, and hopeless to change.I try and assist people in regaining what they once had, while fostering growth within both the relationship and the individual.

My office is free of judgment, shame, and antiquated notions about sex and love.

When we actually take a moment in time to explore, evaluate, and change those - we can begin living our lives for ourselves. So often we are a product of our environment while being held captive by society's standards, taboos, and the expectations of those around us. I work from the whole person perspective to release unwanted patterns/beliefs and unresolved old feelings that are blocking your access to personal power, self acceptance, satisfying relationships and success. I utilize a powerful blend of Traditional and Holistic Psychotherapies in a safe, supportive environment in my office or from the comfort of home- Ask me about Video Therapy!