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Being single in your 30s can be pretty great, until you get sick.Then, it's the end of times, and all you can do is call your mom crying to bemoan the fact that you never got married.This moment brings that fear to life, and we especially relate to the panic Miranda feels around what should be a huge, celebration-worthy achievement—buying her own apartment.Your 30s seem to be full of these types of double-edge-sword moments when you're single.It's likely we could've put a down payment on a house with all the dough we've doled out to dear ones in these incessantly celebratory years.In the same episode, Carrie's married-with-kids friend takes her to task for spending 0-plus on a pair of shoes, though she once did the same before she had "priorities." If you're childless in your 30s, you might recognize this shaming as an inevitable and probably involuntary by-product of the sacrifice that comes with parenthood.

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Hopefully, he won't be—as Carrie's high-school boyfriend is in this episode—living in a mental institution.Even if you're not personally thinking about it, trust us, other people will point out how inappropriate your choice of man is if he's not on the marriage-and-kids path.