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Bryan said she stopped the day care and received therapy for six months.She said her therapist said her delayed reaction was “pretty common.” “When you’re on the battlefield in war and your best friend gets shot, you don’t stop and mourn then,” she said. “That had a huge bearing on the healing — huge, huge,” she said.Bryan said she lived the first part of her childhood in a “tiny, tiny town” in New York, about 70 miles north of Syracuse.Her mother and father divorced when Bryan was 3 years old.She said talking about her abuse “brought in another layer of freedom because there’s freedom in the truth.” “Thank God, I survived, but it happened.” she said.“When I don’t stay quiet, it gives people the opportunity to see they can speak out, too. “That’s why you do it.” Her fledgling website, which includes her story and offers ways to help and links to news articles about human trafficking, is “I do wonder.” Here’s what she does know: “Victims need to know they can reach out for help and ultimately find healing and a good life,” she said.Brown speaks fluent French and has a master's degree in International Business.He is an avid golfer, snowboarder, skier, and dirt biker.

Kathy Bryan, 48, director of Margie’s Haven House in Heber Springs, said she shares her story of being sexually trafficked as a teenager to bring awareness and change. Kathy Bryan, 48, of Heber Springs said she was a naive teenager when she met the man who showered her with attention before selling her for sex.

She said her husband was shocked and angry at the trafficker.

She and her husband have three children, and at the time, she was running an in-home day care.

When they went inside, he started kissing her, and from the shadows in the stairwell, Bryan said, another man appeared. When they were finished, they just got up and walked in the kitchen and kind of left me lying there in the living room,” she said. He knew that.” Bryan said he also told her, “And I know your mom gets real lonely at night with your dad at sea.” Thus began her two-year nightmare, Bryan said.

“I kind of remember stumbling to my feet and running into this little half bath off the kitchen,” she said. The brainwashing and manipulation he used are the same that men use in domestic abuse, she said.Brown enjoys being the center of attention and has been known to frequent nightclubs where he enjoys showing off his high-priced vehicles, boats, and other toys. Additionally, he may be in the possession of a Glock 9mm and a .45 caliber handgun.