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By the way, we looked at just entertainment series only, so no sports or news programming.That eliminated all NFL games and shows like "60 Minutes." All ratings in this story come from Nielsen's "most current" data stream, which includes a week's worth of delayed viewing where available.Nick and Matt got into a fight, Matt kicked Nick's butt, and Victor swore he would teach his son to box. Sharon told no one but a therapist, who tried to help her deal with it.Nikki objected strongly to Sharon, believing her to be a gold-digger.Picasso talks about the importance of “losing yourself completely” to your work, but is also told “you have talent, but no discipline.” Ouch.All of this is set to a rockin’ score which is weirdly complementary to the series.

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Nick wanted to wait and tried to talk her into an abortion, but Sharon couldn't do it.

He dated Amy Wilson, a girl Nikki liked, who was willing to do anything including sleep with Nick to get him.

Then he was introduced to Amy's best friend Sharon Collins, a sweet girl who worked a part time job to help her single paraplegic mother make ends meet.

Sharon and Nick were about to get married when Sharon admitted that Matt had raped her.

Nick raced to Matt's apartment only to find him on the floor in a pool of blood.

Nick grew up torn between two father figures he loved, his real father Victor and his stepfather Jack Abbott with whom he lived in early childhood.