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The algae produce a toxin that can not only choke animals but in humans cause headaches, sore throats, vomiting, diarrhea and pneumonia.

Long-term exposure to some algae blooms has been linked to liver cancer and neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s. And so much pollution has accumulated in the lake bottom, it would take decades for it to disperse, even if new pollution from sugar farms, dairies and other sources could be shut down.

The history of ocean contamination and the blue-green algae infestations that taint the state’s interior are complex, and distinct.The foul siege reached from Sarasota nearly to the tip of Florida by early June, when ecological insult No. A green film of cyanobacteria appeared, as it regularly does in summer, in vast Lake Okeechobee.But this year the bacteria also spilled over into rivers and canals, which carried the toxic green sludge east to the Atlantic Ocean and west to the Gulf of Mexico.The red tides seem to have increased in frequency and persistence over the last 20 years, though the historical record is too sketchy to say whether the events are really more prevalent.

The current episode arrived in November and has lasted for nine months.

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