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17-Mar-2020 10:00

most populous country in Europe and home to around 38 million people.It has an interesting position on the continent and has historically been a gateway between the west and the east.The country is also reputedly one of the most religious countries in Europe.Famously the birthplace of the popular Pope, Jean Paul II, 90% of Poles consider themselves Catholic but only 10% are actively so.

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Poland has a reputation for its conservatism which may be a throwback to its fairly recent history of being a communist nation (1945-1989).

Poland also has one of the youngest ages in Europe for people to get married and doctors can deny women access to contraception.

Though the country has legalised homosexuality (see below), public opinion is not in favour of same-sex marriage and over half of all Poles (52.5%) believe that the current scale of gay promotion is excessive.

Some scientific communities and political parties are so bound up in the ‘pro family’ drive that any alternative to a traditional ‘norm’ is seen as a perversion.

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Parliamentary officials have even likened LGBTQ activities to paedophilia and zoophilia.The policy is one of opposition to contraception, diversity and abortion.