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14-Oct-2019 00:06

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Look at how the two; Snowman and Crake are surfing on the internet and all they are enjoying is a pedophile website (Atwood 91).

Worship is an art and this is ironical that what Crake was so determined to eliminate in the process of creating these new people is now emerging again.

Beyond this confusion of creating new species through the powers of scientific knowledge, Oryx and Crake present another sobering reality about society. Consensus is hard to find and barriers from one group to another are often a reality.

Crake is convinced that all he wants to do is to make the world a better place and he thinks that at the end of the day he is likely to improve human life.

Look at how he later gives his project the name paradice.

These cities inhabited mainly by poor people are also full of crime with and not going there is a precaution taken for their security and safety (Atwood 27).

Bryan Adams hosts a great podcast on creativity and storytelling called “Getting Goosebumps.” Shortly after publishing X: The Experience When Business Meets Design, Bryan invited me to be on the show and I’m sure glad he did! Brian’s the principal analyst at Altimeter Group and…… continue reading »

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During her time on screen as the hilarious Mc Guire, Duff pursued her first serious relationship with Good Charlotte vocalist, Joel Madden.… continue reading »

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