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The rapist left behind few clues, and it wasn't until two victims were attacked on the same night that investigators were able to get their first major leads. Special Agent Heather Powers | NCIS: NCIS is a multi-faceted agency. Special Agent Heather Powers: It wasn't until later on when we determined that we had potentially serial rapist on the street. …my husband could only leave the house during the daytime [laughs]. Briana: And then I just felt a smack across my face and it made my head turn 'cause it was so sharp. I keep hearing a bunch of noises outside of the door. That would later prove to be a crucial clue in bringing her attacker to justice. I had a panic button [laughs] with the security system. I can see the door was open, so I just rolled over as fast I can and I ran. And he put it over top of me backwards so the hood was over my face. And to stay right there or he was going to go into the next room and snap my son's neck. Maryann: He told me to go into my son's room and hug him for dear life. Maryann: When I went there they just made me fill out a report. Jacksonville Police says "in no way did a detective set out to re-victimize the victim or to discount their recollection." The department says it "aggressively pursued the information Maryann provided."Hours after her assault, and still reeling from it, Maryann had to break the news to her husband in Afghanistan. We are not staying in this house." Over the next 14 months, there were a series of unsolved – and seemingly unrelated assaults. Briana still lives in the house where she was attacked.

Lou Eliopulos | NCIS Investigative Review Specialist: This is everyone's nightmare. Special Agent Heather Powers: There was a huge concern by the Marine Corps. where we were able to investigate Briana Murphy's case. Special Agent Heather Powers: All of the sexual assaults happened off base and the Jacksonville Police Department has primary jurisdiction off base. Maryann: It was just like something out of a movie.

Sarah: We had to do a sexual assault kit and I had to go in to get my baby checked out. Sarah: I think that if I wasn't pregnant I probably woulda fought … Lou Eliopulos: In terms of looking at this from a serial perspective … Anthony Ramirez: That was our real first investigative lead … …one of our first goals is go and see if there's any kind of video surveillance footage that may capture the suspect using this card. the Kangaroo Gas Station had really good surveillance. Anthony Ramirez: …we had, actually, an excellent visual. Anthony Ramirez: That video surveillance footage showed the suspect wearing a red hooded sweater using Briana Murphy's credit card. amongst NCIS, we still weren't able to identify him.

…he …forced me on the bed and he had me get down on my hands and knees … Sarah: I think I was more scared for my baby's life. "I'm eight months pregnant." Sarah: When he was done with that … At the hospital, Sarah learned the fate of her unborn baby. They have five of their dependent spouses that had already been sexual assaulted. Special Agent Joshua Lawson | NCIS: I received a phone call from my supervisor saying that there was some incidents that occurred in Jacksonville. He's like, "We're gonna divert you over there to assist them."It was a race against the clock. Brown had managed to get the job through an outside contractor.

Maryann: When we got to the ATM …the bank would only allow me to pull out 0.

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…and the Jacksonville Police Department has primary jurisdiction off base. C., home to Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, was terrorized by a serial rapist over a 14-month span beginning in 2011. Special Agent Heather Powers: Camp Lejeune is a big part of the Jacksonville, North Carolina community. Maryann: …good things about being a Marine wife are the friends, the stability. Maryann: He had been in Afghanistan for six months.

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