Signs your coworkers are dating

01-Nov-2020 07:24

How to tell if a coworker likes you and is trying to date you Before we start talking about how careful you should be when dating a coworker, we have to figure out if they like you in the first place!

Since it can be hard to tell when someone is showing a bit more interest in you or if they’re just being nice, you may want a few signs that show their true intentions.

"Perhaps you were once included in work functions and are now excluded," she adds.

Maybe you've noticed your partner won't let you use their phone, when the once did.

If you’ve noticed that they’re coming around you in a very light, excited, and happy mood when they talk to you and are just calmly polite when they speak to others, it’s a really good sign that they like you. Do they lean closer to you when they get the chance?

[Read: Decoding compliments: 50 cute words and their true meanings] #6 Their body language suggests they do. Do they fidget with their clothes when they see you approaching?

That, in itself, deserves further discussion," she adds.

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And while no one wants to suspect their partner of cheating with a co-worker, would we even know that something is going on at work considering we spend eight hours a day (sometimes more! Shaw lists "longer unexplained hours at work" as a possible sign of an affair, as well as scheduling in after-work meetings and justifications for more socialising with colleagues.

This can be really difficult simply because everyone at your job is probably very professional and friendly, which makes it really hard to tell who’s actually trying to flirt with you because they like you.

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