Sim girls dating game v3

08-Aug-2020 16:47

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Story : Once upon a time, There was a An asian girl and a nobody Pico. Pico has to have high charm,intellegence and strength points. Here are question answers : My waist size is 53 My zodiac sign is Capricorn My hip size is 86 i have two brothers My favorite design label is Dremino I want to see that horror Into the Shadows My weight is 50 kg My favorite pie is potato pie My breasts are size 78 I am 165 cm tall My number is 204-783-4829 My Favorite band is Insantious my iq test score is 133 My favorite music style is rnb My birthday is August 17 I work as clerk in my dads shop i usually shop at m'bottlers My favorite games of all time are by Pacthesis.

And now Pico Has to make Nene fall in love with him before the End of the school year dance! Just wait and talk to her and ask her until she is your girlfriend. Buy at least 1 love and love 2x or two gifts then date.

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