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09-Aug-2020 04:16

In this article we talk with three Japanese women who converted to Islam after marrying Muslim men.

Turkish national Muhammet Ali Gerz has just sat down for his dinner break when his wife Yuri joins him at the couple’s restaurant, a small kebab shop they opened in 2016 near Nakano Station in Tokyo.

Shopping at convenience stores is also a challenge for her husband, who does not read Japanese well enough to check the ingredients.“He tries to take everything in stride,” says Mari, “but even if he accidentally consumes something forbidden he still considers it a sin.

When we’re together I have to remain on guard so that he doesn’t unwittingly break his vows.”Now that more than three years have passed since Mari converted to Islam, she says her husband is finally starting to regard her as truly Muslim.

Yuri tells how early in the relationship she was unaware that Ali was Muslim. “I finally asked him after noticing that there were some dishes he wouldn’t eat.” She attributes his reticence about his faith to the limited understanding most Japanese have of Islam.

“He won’t even pray in front of other people for fear they will misconstrue what he is doing.”Yuri admits that when she first met Ali the only thing she knew for certain about Muslims was that they abstained from eating pork.

The Muslim population in Japan is still relatively small, and most Japanese have only a basic understanding of Islam.

Views of the religion are frequently tinted by stereotypes and negative images presented in the media, an issue that many Muslim residents and visitors find worrying.

Moved by this view, Yuri began studying Islam of her own volition.

She eventually gave up consuming pork and alcohol, even going so far as to replace all the kitchen utensils that had come into contact with pork products.