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The Community Councils set up under the three municipalities of Gongju, Buyeo and Iksan are responsible for conservation and management, utilization and publicity, and coordinating community participation.

An overall Conservation and Management Plan for 2015-2019 was developed to integrate all the agencies responsible for the eight components with the aim of ensuring maintenance of Outstanding Universal Value.

J.-C : la forteresse Gongsanseong et les tombes royales de Songsan-ri liées à la capitale Ungjin (actuelle Gongju), la forteresse Busosanseong et les bâtiments administratifs Gwanbuk-ri, le temple Jeongnimsa, les tombes royales de Neungsan-ri et les remparts de Naseong liés à la capitale Sabi (actuelle Buyeo), le palais royal de Wanggung-ri et le temple Mireuksa à Iksan, liés à la deuxième capitale Sabi. J.-C.)- au cours de laquelle existèrent des échanges technologiques, religieux (bouddhisme), culturels et artistiques considérables entre les anciens royaumes d’Asie de l’Est en Corée, en Chine et au Japon.

Ensemble, ils symbolisent la dernière période du royaume de Baekje –l’un des trois premiers royaumes de la péninsule coréenne (18 av. Description is available under license CC-BY-SA IGO 3.0 يقع هذا الموقع المتسلسل في المنطقة الجبلية الغربية الوسطى من جمهورية كوريا ويضم ثمانية مواقع أثرية يعود تاريخها إلى الفترة الممتدة من العام 475 إلى العام 660 ميلادية، وهي قلعة غونغسانسيونغ ومدافن سونغسان-ري الملكية المرتبطة بالعاصمة أوندجين (غونغدجو حالياً)، وقلعة بوسوسانسيونغ ومباني غوانبوك-ري الإدارية وأسوار ناسيونغ المرتبطة بالعاصمة سابي (بويو حالياً)، وقصر وانغونغ-ري الملكي ومعبد ميروكسا في إيكسان، المرتبطان بالعاصمة الثانية سابي.

Materials and techniques used have largely been traditional. The temple sites are now to some extent islands amongst low scale urban development but the settings of the fortresses and tombs largely retain their forested setting in a mountain landscape.

Protection and management requirements The property components are all designated as Historic Sites under the Cultural Heritage Protection Act 1962 amended 2012; the Special Act on the Preservation and Promotion of Ancient Cities 2004, amended 2013 and under local government Cultural Heritage Protection Ordinances: Chungcheongnam-do 2002 and Jeollabuk-do 1999.

Together these sites testify to the adoption by the Baekje of Chinese principles of city planning, construction technology, arts and religion; their refinement by the Baekje and subsequent distribution to Japan and East Asia.For our mutual protection, Zoosk uses third party services to analyze accounts for potential fraud. Located in the mountainous mid-western region of the Republic of Korea, this property comprises eight archaeological sites dating from 475 to 660 CE, including the Gongsanseong fortress and royal tombs at Songsan-ri related to the capital, Ungjin (present day Gongju), the Busosanseong Fortress and Gwanbuk-ri administrative buildings, the Jeongnimsa Temple, the royal tombs in Neungsan-ri and the Naseong city wall related to the capital, Sabi (now Buyeo), the royal palace at Wanggung-ri and the Mireuksa Temple in Iksan related to the secondary Sabi capital.Criterion (ii): The archaeological sites and architecture of the Baekje Historic Areas exhibit the interchange between the ancient East Asian kingdoms in Korea, China and Japan in the development of construction techniques and the spread of Buddhism.

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Criterion (iii): The setting of the capital cities, Buddhist temples and tombs, architectural features and stone pagodas of the Baekje Historic Areas contribute in forming exceptional testimony to the unique culture, religion and artistry of the kingdom of Baekje.

韓国中央部西側の山間部に位置する、百済王朝後期の3つの古都の遺跡。百済王朝は、紀元前18年から紀元660年までの700年近くに及んだ、朝鮮半島最古の王朝の一つ。構成資産は、475年から660年までの王陵、城、城壁、寺院跡など8つの遺跡からなる。中国の都市計画や建築技術、芸術、宗教にかかわる概念を取り入れたこれらの遺跡は、百済王朝が隣国との交流によって文化的発展の絶頂を迎えた時期を示すものであり、百済王朝独特の文化・宗教・芸術を表す類いまれな物証である。 source: NFUAJ Brief synthesis Located in the mountainous mid-western region of the Republic of Korea, the remains of three capital cities collectively represent the later period of the Baekje Kingdom as it reached its peak in terms of cultural development involving frequent communication with neighbouring regions.

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