Sophmore girl dating senior

01-Mar-2020 10:17

But when you reach senior year of college, the relationships you start (or consider starting) require a lot more effort.

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Calling someone who is double majoring in chemistry and biology and then planning on going to medical school a "super senior" merely acknowledges they are in their fifth year.It was that time when you could easily switch majors (I switched mine about three times,) and during your underclassmen days you could put your emotions on the line & give love a shot.Dating during underclassmen years proved to be a beautiful, exciting, and easy journey.The name stems from the fact that high school and college students typically take four years to get their diplomas.

Each year of school has its own name: Your first year is your "freshman" year, your second year is your "sophomore" year, your third year is your "junior" year and your fourth year is your "senior" year.

That being said, one of the greatest consequences of taking longer to complete college is the financial burden.