Southern women dating rules

09-Nov-2020 12:19

There are a lot of do’s, but only two don’t’s that you will not recover from: 1.) Save your Jeff Foxworthy jokes for the Jersey shore. And 2) Do not attempt a Southern accent, you’ll sound like an idiot. Always stand when she enters a room or get up to leave a room.Southern women are just like the other women of the 19th Century. Always remember that behind that sweet façade is a young lady that can field dress a deer, be nice.Note: A “gizzard” is a bird’s muscular alimentary canal that has usually thick muscular walls and a tough horny lining for grinding food. I still carry on the same way.” – Guy Laliberte You can catch more bees with honey.“Why slap them on the wrist with feather when you can belt them over the head with a sledgehammer.” – Katharine Hepburn Tim Heaton is an Ole Miss Alumnus from Southaven, Mississippi who supports The Flagship in a variety of public relations efforts.

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