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Her love of boys can almost (if not entirely) be matched by her love of fashion and beauty.Clover is the most intimately knowledgeable of her friends about pop culture topics, especially topics having to do with attractive male celebrities.At Malibu University it is speculated that Clover is doing well or at least passing because she has completed one semester of school.At one point, she tells her friends, "You're looking at the master of the last-minute study sesh!Clover's style in the Season 1-2 was mostly capris and pants.Later in Seasons 3-5, she wore more skirts and dresses and incorporated more high heels.In the episode "Evil Bouquets Are Sooo Passe", Clover got extremely jealous when Sam dated her ex-boyfriend Fernando, despite the fact they broke up two years ago.

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She is also rather determined in this regard, as this is what attracts her to a dark knight who chose her as his queen, but she ultimately turned him down when she discovered that he was a male chauvinist.This is strange, because during elementary school, she was always bullied by her classmates and mainly by one boy, because they regarded her as being particularly easy to trick, as we are told in the episode "Spies vs. The initial B-story of part 3 of the episode "Evil Promotion Much?