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14-Sep-2020 23:35

I dont want to sound stupid but how do you create a protected string and where is that code placed as I keep getting errors.

Is there any chance you could provide the full code and I will be really greatful.

I thought the rowupdating event was the place to do that, so I wrote the following method: A couple things to note: 1) the textbox and the label are inside an Item Template. Text "1111" 'set other update parameters Sql Data Source1.

The textbox is visible when the gridview is in "edit mode", and the label is visible when the gridview is in "normal mode" 2) When I place a breakpoint in the rowupdating method, it looks like the values are changed as I would expect them to be. Update() End Sub Thanks, Qin, Thanks for the response.

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In the example below I am using a simple Grid View control and updating the User Name, First Name and Last Name.

This is exacly what I am trying to achieve and I am so close to a solution.