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Or, in other words, what may need to be changed by the DBA or system admin without the SSIS developer needing to make a change in SSDT and redeploy the package.In the example below I have 2 project-level parameters that signify a date range.Next we want to create a new SSIS Environment (assuming it doesn't already exist).Environments are usually called Dev, QA, Prod, that sort of thing, but they could of course be used differently in some situations.You can parameterize individual properties like server name, user name, catalog, if you prefer.

Associate the job to the appropriate Environment so it automatically detects values which have been set. First thing to do is determine what elements of the package you wish to be able to vary at runtime.

I do like to set it to be Required which ensures it will be set in the SSIS Catalog before the package can be executed on the server.

For deploying to other environments like Prod, where you may need to hand off the deployment to someone else, I typically make use of the ISDeployment Wizard tool instead. Once you've deployed your project to the SSIS Catalog, you'll be able to see it in SQL Server Management Studio.

Let's say a column is deleted in the underlying table or view that feeds an SSIS package.

Or, maybe you're starting with a 'template' SSIS package that has metadata for a different table than the one you are adjust the source query, you see red X's on the precedence constraints (pipeline paths) in the data flow: Prior to SQL Server 2012, updating metadata changes of this nature was a very tedious process. First, you right-click on the precedence constraint and choose Resolve References: And voila, the references no longer exist for the transformations down below in the data flow.

This describes one way to handle connections by grouping them with parameters.