Studs dating show

04-Oct-2019 15:14

Again no masterpiece but I had a lot of fun watching this.

Studs is an American television game show that was produced by Fox Television Studios for local television stations.

Two single guys, referred to as "Studs" (hence the name of the show), previously went out on dates with three ladies.

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At the end of each episode, each woman would decide which man they chose as a "stud" and wanted to go out with again. In this show, a single woman would be given a choice of eligible bachelors, who would preen, flex and otherwise show off in the hope of arousing her ...See full summary » A 90's version of The Dating Game.The series premiered on March 11, 1991 as a midseason series, did well enough in its run to be renewed for a full season, and aired for two more full seasons until September 9, 1993.

Studs was hosted by former game show contestant and comedian Mark De Carlo, in one of his first TV hosting jobs.Each correct answer won a heart, and the Stud with the most hearts won the game.