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His words could very aptly describe the emotive, eclectic mix of films showing in this year’s Screenplay film festival, which […]Get the full story As part of its "Oot & Aboot" programme a Shetland Arts musical event is going on tour this month, visiting Sandwick, Fetlar and Walls.

The post Music fans can enjoy ‘open mic’ evenings around isles appeared first on The Shetland Times.

Get the full story Voters heading to the polls for Shetland by-election STV News Voters heading to the polls for Shetland by-election.

The resignation of Tavish Scott has led to the the first ever Holyrood by-election in Shetland.

The post Nursery children decant to old Eric Gray following delay in nursery works appeared first on The Shetland Times.

Get the full story Shetland's sail training ship the Swan recently returned from a 12-day trip to Faroe where, as always, the crew and passengers were made very welcome by the Faroese.

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The Glasgow mum shot to fame this summer when he son ...Get the full story A number of people took the streets of Lerwick on Saturday to protest against Prime Minister Boris Johnson's planned "prorogation" of the UK parliament.The post Protest in Lerwick over planned suspension of UK parliament appeared first on The Shetland Times.Scots ‘STILL divided into Dark Age kingdoms’ with families living in same areas as 1,000-year-old ancestors, m The Scottish Sun THE DNA of Scottish people still contains signs of the country's Dark Age kingdoms, with many Scots apparently living in the same areas as their ancestors did ...

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Get the full story Genetic ‘map’ shows Dark Age Scottish kingdoms live on in today’s Scots The Scotsman It was a time when the warring kingdoms of Dark Ages Scotland such as Gododdin and Pictland were fighting for supremacy, with battle skills honed fighting ...In its report published on Monday, the inspectorate evaluated two quality indicators – learning, teaching and assessment as well as raising attainment and achievement – as […]Get the full story THE CLIMATE emergency is happening now and Shetland Islands Council, among many others, needs to take urge and decisive action in response to it.