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01-Nov-2020 09:04

Although there is no automatic ability to refresh the client for only specific sorts of emails, there is a way to do it manually.By using it, you can receive emails for all or one of your accounts, or for a separate account folder.You're able to change the font size, add hyperlinks and images.Next, save it and use the drop-down Save menu option to save the File.Click Enter and there will is an option to use the filter for practically all email fields, like Sender, Recipient, Subject, Message Body. Plus, messages can be sorted out by other features, like Starred, Tagged Messages Inbox or Sent, Containing attachments, Unread, from Contacts list only, Pin, etc.

This option can be used for separate, chosen folders.

It’s not by chance, since learning how to use it properly paves the way to a comfortable and efficient e-mail ‘life.’ Below are 20 Mozilla Thunderbird tips and tricks to help you master this client and use it beneficially for your purposes.

Your Thunderbird profile is the backbone of your client.

Then click on View settings for this account option under the Accounts section.

In the Account Settings window, you need to go to the Signature text. After that, you're able to create a signature directly in the Signature text field by typing in HTML code.

Mozilla Thunderbird filters are the smart helpers keeping order in your mail and saving your time, not to mention saving you from the stress caused by an overwhelming information inflow.