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As he slept in a boat in the river one night, Smith was badly injured by a mysterious gunpowder explosion.He return to England for treatment in October 1609 and never set foot in Virginia again.

He was fighting in Transylvania in 1602 when he was wounded in battle, captured, and sold as a slave to a Turk.The colony struggled to feed itself, and Smith proved skillful at securing food from the Virginia Indians.He was exploring the Chickahominy River region in December 1607 when he was captured by Chief Powhatan’s men.The Indians of Tsenacomoco—a paramount chiefdom of twenty-eight to thirty-two Algonquian-speaking groups in the while another attacked their settlement at Jamestown, killing two.

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Three months later, in August, the first of many summertime sicknesses set in, killing more than half of the colonists. Reinforcements helped offset the toll again taken by the so-called summer seasoning, so that by mid-December 1608 Jamestown's population stood at about 200.Percy wrote that he and his fellow colonists succumbed to the bloody flux (probably diarrhea), burning fevers, and swellings, in addition to wounds they received at the hands of the Indians.