Ukraine dating tradition

23-Mar-2020 02:56

You do not have to do the church ceremony unless your bride’s family insists on it or both of you want it.

Civil marriage in Ukraine is a bit less poetical (check the Requirements for marriage).

One of the popular Ukrainian wedding customs is the use of a round loaf or korovai. They lay it on a fancy towel called “rushnyk” and put a small salt pan on the top of it.

If your bride comes from a religious family (Orthodox Church), her parents may bless you, pray over you and give you an icon.

In the most traditional version, you may have to kneel down before them (as a couple) and they hold the icon over you and bless you.

From now on this role is passed on to her husband and he is to cherish, protect and provide for her.

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Unfortunately, now all the Ukrainian brides have the chance to follow this custom, as many of there were brought up by single mothers.When the newlywed couple comes back from the church or city hall, they are to break off a piece of that bread (each in turn), dip it into salt and eat. It is white in color and usually, it is hand embroidered with flowers, birds or national symbols.