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08-Aug-2020 05:16

You would have to create a zip file of the Solidworks files and an Archive of the ANSYS project.

Use the Attach button to add the Archive and zip file to your last post.

My files are in the attached zip file if you want to try it on your system. I m running Parametric optimization on ANSYS Workbench using Visual DOC optimizer by Van der plaats.

When the design iterations are running, they are properly simulated by ANSYS for a few iterations.

I tried clearing the regedit and reinstalling both 18.1 and 18.2 which didn't work.

I tried to rebuild this model in 18.2 which didn't work.

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msds updating requirements

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I tried to unmark the distribute solution (picture below) in Mechanics which didn't work either. Hello, I used the imported CAD parameters from solidworks then set the design points in ansys. Best, Patrick I assume you are not on the Student license, but either a Commercial or a Research license since the Solidworks CAD interface is not provided in the Student license.

I wonder is this a bug in 18.2 or is there something I should change in my system? After the geometry was successfully updated the process of mechanical of updating kept running without solving. Fortunately, I have the Solidworks CAD interface at work and am willing to test your files if you want.

I repaired the file pointer to point to the Solidworks part file and I confirmed that your initial model solved correctly, then I tried to Update All Design Points.

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I found the Progress stalls on the first CAD update (DP0 and DP1 have no change in CAD parameters) for a really long time (10 minutes), but eventually, it did update and so did the next one (I deleted the rest of the DPs).Model for Improvement: What are we trying to accomplish? An organization will not improve without a clear and firm intention to do so.

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