Updating calendar with birthdays

17-Apr-2020 23:08

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If you have Busy Contacts installed, Busy Cal will read in birthdays from Busy Contacts.

So you will need to launch Busy Contacts while Busy Cal is running to read in any recently updated Birthdays.

Wishing someone a happy birthday on Facebook nowadays has become so common.

But have you ever missed out on wishing that one, special person because you did not access Facebook that day, of all days? In a few simple steps, I am going to tell you how to have your Facebook friends’ birthdays – and even your Facebook events – synced to your i Phone calendar.

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Hence the problem It was simple: I had to find a way to entirely delete all birthday entries automatically (i was not going to do every contact 1 by 1 manually) from the contacts app on the mac. I went and asked for Help on Facebook asking someone to help me write an Applescript that automatically deletes all birthday entries based on the script i started to assemble from bits and pieces.sqlite3 ~/Library/Application\ Support/Address Book/Address Book-v22.abcddb “select * FROM ZABCDRECORD”andsqlite3 ~/Library/Application\ Support/Address Book/Address Book-v22.abcddb “update ZABCDRECORD set ZLUNARBIRTHDAYCOMPONENTS = ‘’”Those 2 commands will replace every birthday entry with an empty field4.

Since I never check them and Facebook and Linkedin do a pretty good job at reminding you of the birthdays of people you know, this is an entry I don t need at all How to remove all birthdays from the contact app at once?

I also have a Google account (with a built-in Birthday calendar) and i Cloud Calendar all synced on my Mac/i Phone/Watch via i Cloud. It does not seem disturbing at first because, alerts were not pushed, but on the Watch, it was simply taking sometimes several Persistent lines per day (meaning they will stick to the top of the watch screen as you scroll the day) and hiding my calendar true events. And there is no obvious way to delete entirely this Calendar. There is only an option to “uncheck” this calendar, which is not a solutiontd:lr the solution is to delete every single birthday entry from your contact app on Mac which syncs with i Cloud2. If you manage to do the same thing successfully from your set up, then this post and solution is likely for you. Apple does not ask you permission to build this calendar: it is there as long as you have contacts and birthdays in it.

The problem was simple: on my Apple watch, in Calendar app (the default app of Apple), the birthdays of my contacts were showing up although I specifically unchecked the “birthdays” calendar not to show at all. There is also no option to entirely delete this birthday calendar. I found some Applescripts on the web that pretend to do that: but they don t work.

I was so happy to find a solution, I decided to share both the problem and the solution. I talked to 4 different representatives and senior advisors. They first pointed that it was a Google account issue. It was a widespread software issue because many people complain about it through the years.