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19-Nov-2019 20:09

We coudn’t upgrade to Django 2.0, as there some dependencies with Python 2.7. If you are looking for development help, contact us today ✉.

Django has been on the 1.x branch for many years now. But this coming release isn't necessarily a major change to the code base.

To fix this, you must add the on_delete argument with the value CASCADE in all migrations that create a foreign key: This way the migration is similar to the one created with Django 1.11 and the model states can be rendered.

Since it uses the default value, it will not affect the database.

Consider also to take a look at the list of feature that got removed in Django 2.0.

Probably it will be the first that pops out in the console when trying to run the application after the upgrade.

updating django-52

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Please note that I assume you are using Python 3.x.

Instead, it must use a construct that has been introduced with Dajngo 1.9, which uses the app_name defined in the originating app URL configuration.

This means that the ‘my_app.urls’ must define the app_name, like this: This was introduced in Django 1.10 and the methods where still available until 1.11 for Backward compatibilyty.

So, what I recommend is to first get through the list of packages and upgrade them one by one, and also run the tests and make sure it’s still behaving correctly.

This task would be less of a headache when using some handy console utilities: It’s now time to upgrade Django and I will continue with the issues I faced and fixed during this process.

This is done after 1.11, but even if not defined, the app will work well as there is no change in the model states.