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06-Oct-2019 02:53

It took only about 10 seconds to complete the update.Then, the system needed to be restarted in order to complete the process.The only exclusions are the Intel SSD 510 and the original X-series models, which can be updated with a different tool.As always, we'll note that firmware updates are generally non-destructive, but can sometimes adversely affect your data.In some firmware update clients, the restart is performed immediately and automatically, in others, they may be a period of 20 seconds or so to save a document or other type of file.Intel provides the handy option to restart later manually.

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However, manufacturers and we here at Storage Review still recommend that the first step before performing any firmware update should be to backup important data on your drive, in case of unexpected errors or faults. So with our backup already completed, we started the update.More specifically, each article gives a standard firmware upgrade process overview, along with instructions for using a bootable USB drive to upgrade SSD firmware where possible.Want to know which SSD firmware tools are the best? It was somewhat odd that Windows 8 (and Windows Server 2012) wasn't supported for Secure Erase, but users can easily format a drive with Disk Management or another tool.

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Overall, the experience was simple; Intel has done well to create a good application that works across almost all of both their consumer and enterprise SSDs.Beyond that, sometimes a new SSD firmware can even offer performance enhancements along with better host system compatibility and drive reliability.