Updating firmware on sony blu ray player autism dating relationships

07-Feb-2020 17:07

Turning the power off to the TV will have no effect on the player power.My update has four numbers 1 thru 4 It went through 1 thru 3 in about 15 mnutes,but has been stuck on 4 for over an hour,the modem light is not blinking much,i'm getting worried now,but I am afraid to pull the plug,dont wanna damage my BD player!No,this player was playing fine until I wanted to watch a FOX Blu(QOS) which required a upgrade, I go a and do it and this is what happens to me,damn thing must be stuck, If I got a screwed up player from Samsung they better replace it and pay for the return shipping, I've had lots of Samsung prooducts in the past and they all have been quality items! The little display on the BD player itself says "NET-UP",what ever that means?What I was trying to say is if the player locks up during a download and you power cycle it the player will be fine.Firmware updates should not take anymore then 15 minutes on a fast Internet connection.

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No firmware update should take more then 30 minutes with the slowest broadband connection.If the player is stuck in download then the website for the firmware updates might have went down and power cycling will not be a problem.

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