Updating fluorescent kitchen lighting

08-Mar-2020 08:21

I had to adjust, readjust, adjust again, and adjust again.

Mainly finding a mirrored layout that didn’t get messed up by trusses was the tricky part.

If your kitchen lighting needs an upgrade, consider these 9 easy ideas: These long, narrow lights are installed directly onto the underside of your cabinetry, making them ideal for illuminating countertops and prep areas.

LED light bars come in a wide variety of lengths and they’re linkable, so even long countertops can be fully and evenly illuminated.

Rope lights are also easy to install: they can be discreetly hung underneath a row of cabinets with a set of rope mounts that screw directly into the cabinetry.

After talking to many lighting experts (they all told us it was a bad idea, since track lights are meant for accent lighting-not for primary lighting) we decided to go for it and do can lights.I don’t know how many people feel comfortable doing their own wiring (you might want to hire an electrician).I am not entirely experienced, but in order to get my Construction Management degree I did take an electrical systems class. With the help of my husband, we “daisy chained” from the original light box to our 5 new cans up in our attic. Install the bulbs and trim and your new lights are done. First off, it wasn’t centered in the room, so I had to patch over the old “box”, do my own little texturing of the ceiling and paint.I would have it no other way, I LOVE our can lights. The “remodel” cans come with a template to draw on your ceiling.

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I pinned the templates where I thought I wanted them.I tried to photoshop a picture just to give an idea of what it looked like before.

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