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16-May-2020 23:53

updating gtk-38

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The Adwaita updated theme is being made available as a separate tarball in parallel with the GTK 3.24.3 release, and can be downloaded here.GTK application developers are invited to try 3.24.3 along with the new version of Adwaita, and report any issues that they encounter.This makes it easier for users to identify the focused window.At first glance, these changes are some of the most significant, but they are achieved with some quite minor code changes.However, we don’t want to put our faith in hope alone.Therefore, the next three weeks are being designated as a testing and consultation period, and if things go well, we hope to merge the theme into the GTK 3.24.4 release.However, two places where there are widget-specific changes are header bars and buttons.In both cases, an effort has been made to be lighter and more elegant.

Given the stable nature of this release series, we don’t want to cause theme compatibility issues for applications.The new colors are more vivid than the previous versions, and so give Adwaita more energy and vibrancy.

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