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Skipped 'tempfile.tmp' Updating 'paint': A palettes.c U brushes.c Updated to revision 60. Because the initial checkout must download the full branch of the remote repository, it can take a while. Refer to your system installation instructions to find out how you can install Subversion. If you are compiling from sources and want to access the KDE repository by https (and not by svn ssh), you will need SSL and ZLIB support, so you will need the The Valgrind application, which is hosted on the KDE repository, but that is not part of KDE itself.Note that newer versions of Valgrind are developed on their own repository.In other words, a revision number is like a timestamp (in fact, the Subversion server uses this fact to search for dates in the repository faster).So, for instance, when you check out the KDE repository, Subversion will tell you the following: This means that the latest revision available at the time of the operation was 403821.This is a quick KDE-specific introduction for using Subversion to access files and software in KDE's repositories.

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This directory contains the official releases of the programs maintained and developed in the KDE repository.

If you make a modification and commit, Subversion will update the server-side revision and will inform you of it.