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13-May-2020 12:41

It takes a couple of minutes for the process to finish when you shut down Trainz.

So if you shut down TS2010 and then quickly shut down your PC, TADDaemon is forced to close down, without finishing what it's doing.

Trainzkuidindex has indexed the content of all Trainz fan sites and the informations fields of the of all downloadable assets from those sites. Keep in mind that the search engine use the words you enter in the keywords field "as is".

You can now use a new form to find web pages or assets by using keywords. It does'nt translate it in any other language, don't search for synonymous words, or more general or more specifics words.

Once the Trainz Patcher is downloaded, you may see a request to provide permission for the patcher to access your computer. Once you click yes, the updating process begins and you can follow progress in the window as shown below.

Updating for added asset file, I don't know where this is good for, but this updating program forced launced when starting the game makes of the Trainz 41615 version a big crashing mess. A window appears "Updating Trainz Asset Database - scanning for added asset files", but after 5 progress blobs it hangs (waited 10 mins). I do have various previous Trainz lurking about on my system, with some assets. Peter Whenever Trainz or CM is updating anything, go off and do something else.

But this time, no window about updating the asset database - it all started smoothly, and I've run two long sessions with no problems, though neither used the assets I have (junction kits etc). Thanks again, Peter I discovered tonight that the program first builds a complete directory tree in memory of the hard drive(s) on the computer.

I noted this as I had spent about five hours cleaning off old non-used programs prior to installing T2010, and the right number when if finally got to the "Scanning for Modified Asset Files xxxx/19876" (with xxx being the incrementing number as it scans) closely matched the total folder count before I installed Trainz 2010. My mom & dad are frustrated over the game since my dad dosent even work on computers! I discovered tonight that the program first builds a complete directory tree in memory of the hard drive(s) on the computer.

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Answer is wait a couple of minutes before shutting down your PC, or check in Task Manager that TADDaemon has finished. Go into Launcher options and enable the database process windows, you can then see when Tad Daemon and Trainz Util have finished whatever they may be doing, not seen one database repair or update since I started watching those windows.Windows 10, when it is released later this year, is likely to boost your performance.