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03-Sep-2020 12:48

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Most arecompletely at a loss that they have committed an offence.When I ask who owns the vehicleand they respond “me”, and then I ask where is it registered? It then dawns upon them that it was the last thing they had thought about whenmoving addresses.Some are of the view that updating their driving licence also updates the V5C Log Book, unfortunately not!Perhaps the Driver Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA)should give some a reminder especially when an address changes on the licence.At Court the client was disqualified for 6 months and also had a warrant issued fortheir arrest.

Are you unsure how to update your name as the registered keeper?It transpired that this particularclient had been convicted of two separate offences of failing to identify the driver, followingtwo speeding offences, one in Warwickshire and the second in North Wales.Letters were sent to an old home address, and as no response was received the case proceededto Court.But, remember you may also need to take a valid and current MOT test certificate for the vehicle.

I have lost count on the number of enquiries over the years who start the conversation with “Ihave been convicted, sentenced and received a heavy fine but worst of all I have received 6points and I have been disqualified from driving”.Although the majority of us will update our V5C Log Book there are countless of owners whodo not.