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16-Oct-2019 15:06

Once you load this 64bit Vista operating system, Dell will not assist in any operating system, software, or driver issues. If you want support for operating system, software, or driver issues, you must remove the 64bit Vista and reload the 32bit Vista." Dell-Chris_M.

Upgrading from a 32-bit version to a 64-bit version You cannot perform an upgrade from a 32-bit version of Windows Vista to a 64-bit version of Windows Vista.

I'm not 100% sure how it works, but I believe they'll re-register your key to be legit for 64bit Vista.

I've been looking to do the same for my Inspiron 1721. One slight twist to the 32/64-bit thing: If your key code is for Vista with SP1 built-in, you have to use a disc with SP1 built-in, or activate after SP1 has been applied.

The error messages, alerts, warnings, and symptoms below are tied to this error.

Windows Update can fail during the updates installation if the updates began to be installed during a shutdown operation of your computer The When you force restart your computer, Windows boots again with Windows Update trying to install the pending updates.

If this fix doesn’t solve the loop error, try any of the following fixes below.

The Windows Update loop can be fixed in most cases by deleting the following files found in the \Windows\Win Sx S\ folder: If you don’t have your original installation media to access Command Prompt, you could either follow the instructions from Fix Loop Error with Easy Recovery Essentials or check if your system has the necessary recovery tools installed on the hard drive: If System Restore was enabled and running on your system, you can try to restore your computer to an earlier date to access Windows, follow the steps to prepare for a clean boot and then install the pending Windows updates in the clean boot mode.

If you want to go 64Bit, you will need to buy a new license, and the cheapest way (that I have found) is to buy an OEM 64Bit disk like these on ie (uk, .com) and either use the key that comes with it or the key that came with your system.

Sometimes, the system may start looping endlessly when the system update flags are not set correctly.

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