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09-May-2020 23:52

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UWB defines both PHY and MAC layers, which need to be integrated in the W-USB model.

In particular, MAC is joined with the logical link control (LLC) sublayer to form the link layer, responsible for encryption/decryption, PHY error management and synchronization, while PHY itself covers the correctness of headers, not payloads. It uses superframes divided in 256 time slots, the first of which are dedicated to the transfer of beaconing information.

After the technology transfer the Wi Media Alliance ceased operations.

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Wireless USB is used in game controllers, printers, scanners, digital cameras, portable media players, hard disk drives and USB flash drives.

Around the same time, Belkin, Dell, Lenovo and D-Link began shipping products that incorporated Wi Quest technology.

These products included embedded cards in the notebook PCs or adapters for those PCs that do not currently include Wireless USB.

It delivers several backwards-compatible improvements: UWB upper band support for frequencies 6 GHz and above, improved power management and consumption, and support for NFC and proximity based association.

The replacement of copper wires in the bus layer introduces ambiguity in the actual state of host-device connections and, even more importantly, potentially exposes communications fully to any other device within the propagation range, whereas they were reasonably secure over the wire.Flow control and packet sizes are adjusted for power efficiency, while respecting the high-level pipe model of communication between source and destination.