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In the case of the C&S MX series crimp monitors, the crimp curve is split into three vertical sections which have tolerances applied on each side of the reference (teach in) curve.Each zone has a separate tolerance band which is progressively tighter as the press reaches bottom dead center and crimp force is at its peak.In practice, the terms "validate" and "verify" are used synonymously.See validity checking, check digit and HTML validator.In part one of this series, we covered the critical steps used to validate a wire to terminal crimp prior to initiating production on a wire lead or harness.In part two we will uncover some of the processes companies currently deploy to monitor the crimping process during production.Crimp force monitoring is the common in process method used which we will outline.New methods are emerging in the future, one which we will briefly cover.

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We can supply simple inspection tools or create a complete integrated system for plant wide control of the crimping process.

When a defect is detected, a signal can be sent to the processing machine to stop or initiate a reject cut off sequence if installed.

You will find below an example of a normal curve from data points compiled from a single crimp.

The chart below the curve is a point by point visual of the variation above or below the reference point from the teach in.

In the case of the normal curve, very little variation is shown.

Although companies still perform an in production spot check of crimp quality using validation methods (crimp height, pull test), these methods show compliance to crimp specifications on a single piece at a time during production and do not demonstrate full statistical capability of the process. But as we have seen with the cross sections illustrated in part one, significant variation could be occurring inside the crimp that is invisible to the inspector.