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The second element provides the value to be SET in the column specified by “value_columns”.In this case, will spot that the target values are all 1200, and will effect the desired changes using a single UPDATE statement as described above.If calling a web service in Delphi is straightforward, the same can be said of developing a service.If you go into the Web Services page of the New Items dialog box, you can see the SOAP Server Application option.OK, that’s great, we have some theoretical approaches for reducing the number of queries, now what?

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If we want to update more than one column, whereas previously we specified the new value using a scalar, when there is more than one column to update, we use an Array Ref.

2004-34 solely because the taxpayer never recognizes in revenues in its applicable financial statement payments from an eligible gift card sale, or, for taxpayers without an applicable financial statement, never earns payments from an eligible gift card sale.