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It’s a bit counterintuitive to encourage people to play a barbecue, or saxophones that are too big to even lift, but it has helped them find their own unique sound.”Violent Femmes’ enduring interest in collaboration and community continues on HOTEL LAST RESORT in the form of a pair of special guests, first and foremost being iconic Television co-founder Tom Verlaine, who lends his immediately identifiable guitar to the LP’s powerful title track.“One of the greatest thrills of a long recording career is getting Tom Verlaine to play on one of our songs,” Gano says.The band found immediate success with the release of their self-titled debut album in early 1983.Featuring many of their well-known songs, including "Blister in the Sun", "Kiss Off", "Add It Up" and "Gone Daddy Gone", Violent Femmes became the band's biggest-selling album and was eventually certified platinum by the RIAA.Sparrow’s novel use of a Weber Grill as a rhythm instrument, along with the extreme tones of Garza’s central instrument – the massive contrabass saxophone – bring a stunning depth to the Femmes’ famous sound, imbuing songs like the moving “Paris To Sleep” with a striking richness and imaginative edge.“We’ve put a lot of energy into mentoring [Sparrow and Garza],” Ritchie says.“We probably steer them in the wrong direction sometimes.Songs like “Not Ok” and “Another Chorus” bear all the marks of the Femmes canon – “I’m sure it doesn’t sound like this to anybody else, but to me in my head it sounds like A Tribe Called Quest,” says Gano of the latter – while others, like “Everlasting You” and “Adam Was A Man,” represent significant stylistic departures, adding new sonic elements and heretofore untapped flavors to the Violent Femmes’ musical palette.“To me, it’s about the song,” Gano says. And now that I’ve said that, it’s also about us doing the song.There are certain things that are a part of our sound that we gravitate towards because that’s what this thing called “Violent Femmes” has done from the beginning.

The words “I’m Nothing” in Janoski’s handwriting will be screen printed on the tongue of the shoe, while his artwork will be included on the custom sockliner.“Originally I thought about putting a keyboard or maybe some flute on there,” Ritchie says, “something flowing, something legato…but then it started to come into my mind- we need some Tom Verlaine- style guitar on here.