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Barbara, who is 27, prefers her former occupation as the owner of a nail and hair business in Caracas, Venezuela’s capital.But polish and shampoo are as hard to find as food and medicine, and so she has come to Medellín.Colombians along the border are accustomed to Venezuelans streaming across, but the area’s sex workers do not relish the competition.Venezuelans charge the equivalent of -13 for a 20-minute session; the Colombian rate is around -17.

Two splendid gardens enrich its outdoor space, the Prince Alfred’s Courtyard and Neptune’s Courtyard where we can find a spiral staircase that leads to the entrance of the state rooms; the interior spaces are of extraordinary beauty, lavishly decorated marble corridors, beautiful frescoes, magnificent rooms, our tour should include: the Council Chamber, a splendid room adorned with tapestries, a personal gift of the Spanish Grandmaster Ramon Perellos y Rocaful, the State Dining Room, embellished by splendid paintings, the Supreme Council Hall (or Throne Room) boasting top quality frescoes that depict the Great Siege, the Ambassador’s Hall (or Red Room) where portraits of Grandmasters and other rulers hang, the Palace Armoury, one of the world's largest and richest collections of arms, three centuries of military history are here displayed through swords, guns, crossbows, shotguns and cannons, partly reduced by the depredations of the French; among the unique treasures the personal armour of Grandmaster La Valette, the founder of The City; all rooms are usually used for state functions, when possible, they are regularly open to the public.30ct18--Thank you Jon and Phil Brooks.“At least here one can eat breakfast and lunch.”Some 4,500 Venezuelan prostitutes are thought to be working in Colombia; the trade is legal in both countries.But until recently they were often rounded up by police and deported back to Venezuela by the busload.Colombians haven’t forgotten that in 2015 Venezuela’s president, Nicolás Maduro, blamed them for the shortages and deported 1,100. While the law is becoming more welcoming to desperate Venezuelans, Colombians are growing increasingly nervous about the influx.

Barbara thinks other countries offer bigger opportunities.During Notte Bianca, Valletta’s streets and public spaces are used in innovative, creative ways thanks to a mix of roaming and site-specific projects.