What is wrm dating

15-Sep-2020 20:22

e Gentic – e GENTIC is a specialist in online consumer lead generation.Operating in over 35 markets around the world, e GENTIC provides qualified live consumer data to companies for marketing and customer acquisition purposes.The database is currently growing by 30-50,000 records per month in AU alone.Rewards Central – Rewards Central is a double opt-in email database of over 4 million Australians & 550,000 New Zealanders.Veda Consumer Database – A huge database of over 12 million consumers and 2 million businesses across Australia.200,000 records are updated every month via credit bureau information.Cohort Survey – Cohort offers a comprehensive lifestyle database.

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The majority of the data is collected from Who-Remembers-Me.com; wrm-surveys.com;

Selections include Age, Gender, Finance & Banking habits, Income, Shopping habits.