What to do for your 1 year dating anniversary

05-Jun-2020 06:21

"The first year of any relationship is by far one of the most important because it is during this time that couples get into healthy or unhealthy habits that can last throughout the relationship," psychologist Dr. For instance, the most important relationship habit he says is open and honest communication."When communication is solid, other issues that inevitably pop up are fair game for discussion," Dr. It's always a good sign when each partner knows where the other one stands on issues you may have."It's about knowing your partner will have your back in all situations.Trust is also knowing that no matter what, your love will stand steady by your side and take care of you when you need it." When you're able to fully trust your partner, you'll feel safe."The key to a lasting relationship is work," Vikki Ziegler, renowned divorce attorney and relationship expert, tells Bustle.By your first anniversary, you should know that the emotional, mental, and physical aspects of your relationship need to be nurtured at all times."Getting in the habit of listening to each other and showing love and compassion during the first year will help to set up the relationship and maximize success." "Couples should be openly communicating their sexual needs by that first anniversary to ensure a long and happy relationship," Rachel and Michael Gibbs, relationship experts and founders of the Big Oh! When either partner isn't happy with their sex life, it can become frustrating which might lead to anger and resentment.But if you're able to talk openly and honestly about what you really want in bed, the Gibbs say you can learn a lot about each other, try new things, and get your needs met.

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"Trust is about knowing your partner will talk to you when they are upset or need help," she says.

"If you can't have those two things in the first year it it will give the relationship a larger learning curve." If you want your relationship to last, you need to know how to effectively communicate with your partner.

"By their first anniversary, a couple should have learned how and when to communicate with their partner," Tina Wilson, Founder and CEO of the Wingman matchmaking app, tells Bustle.

"I know it can be hard, but sometimes, people just need to go hang with their friends or hang out by themselves and it doesn't have anything to do with you," she says.

"Having a life that is together, but remaining individuals, is what helps a new relationship grown into a long-term relationship." As you get closer to your first anniversary, you reach that point where you start to get comfortable.For many, making it to the one-year mark isn't easy.