Who is belinda stronach dating

01-Jul-2020 11:38

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Belinda Stronach passed through in white capris, with entourage in tow.

She became a regular when she started dating the chef, Cory Vitiello, in 2010.

It’s a first-rate pappardelle, the noodles eggy and luscious and heaped with tarragon-flecked fava beans. I’ve eaten more than my share of tartare in the past year—young chefs have rediscovered the fussy dish—and the most picturesque and flavourful was THR & Co.’s mix of chili mayo, pickle and hashed beef heart that tasted more like a pricier cut of mineral-rich steak than what it is: discount offal.

Vitiello and Mitton recently opened a Harbord Room spinoff only three doors away from the original, in the room vacated by Messis.

They’d been planning to open a second location somewhere, admired the bigger space and 65-seat patio, and figured that two Vitiello restaurants would complement rather than cannibalize each other.