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Shortly after they wed, the pair moved to New York City to pursue their dance careers until the late 1970s, when they relocated to Los Angeles, California.In addition to dancing and filmmaking, they ran a construction business and raised horses together. He has gone on the record, explaining how much of an impact his wife had on his early years in entertainment.There is no doubt that co-stars can experience tension while working together.Patrick Swayze has been quoted in the past as saying the following: “I was born to be a dad.” However, some things just aren’t meant to be, and when everything was said and done, Swayze and Niemi never ended up having kids. He had skills, knowledge, kindness and love – everything a child would want.” Around the same time that Lisa Niemi suffered a miscarriage, Swayze experienced more tremendous loss, losing both his father and sister. Then, 12 years later, his sister passed away from complications related to prescription medicine.Bodyguard Frank Whiteley spoke about the actor’s deepest regret. Also, the grief he suffered ended up opening a can of worms…One of the biggest challenges that the married couple faced was around the time that It was during this time that Niemi suffered a miscarriage. Swayze also lost both his father and sister around the same time.Also, the grief he suffered ended up opening a can of worms…

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Despite having a way with women from an early age, Swayze’s tricks didn’t work on Niemi.It was clear that Swayze and Niemi were lost without each other.