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16-Jul-2020 02:01

There’s been a lot made of the “Danzig Legacy” shows that you did featuring music from all three bands you’ve fronted.At nearly 40 years in, are you surprised that not only do you have a legacy, but that you’re still relevant, still talked about and still being discovered my new generations?Because it’s not something every artist experiences. Actually one of the reasons I originally signed with Rick Rubin, because so many labels were trying to sign me then, was that he understood that.I don’t want just two records that are gone, I want people to be coming back to my stuff years and years later like all of my favorite artists like the Velvet Underground and on and on.

So I listen to it all the time and they said you should come do something for Elvis radio, and it worked out great.So yeah, I played “Always on My Mind.” When is the Elvis EP finally gonna come out? I was working on the next Danzig album and we had some downtime so we recorded it. How conscious of an effort, even back to the Misfits, did you make on aligning the music with the horror genre?