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News."Everybody, even people that showed up to that wedding, were like, 'What is this about? I never have any bad qualms with any of the cast members. If it fit and seemed right, I wouldn't mind."As he continued, "I think reunited, there would be camaraderie.

' You gotta give kudos to two kids that were actually getting married on TV at such a young age and then made it through and they didn't pop out kids early to save their relationship.

Justin even threw his version of a letterman jacket -- his leather biker jacket -- over Kristin's shoulders as the sun set.

"I can't -- for some reason -- let this go," Justin admitted. I wanna laugh with you." I was actually almost kind of moved.

Much has been spoken in recent months regarding the alleged Lauren Conrad/Jason Whaler video tape; if it even exists; who leaked the idea of it; how the idea of it ended Conrad's friendship with former BBF Heidi Montag; and how the idea of it will shape Season 3 of Conrad's MTV "reality" show, The Hills.

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But he's a character on The Hills, which is all about promoting glitz and glamour, so perhaps I'm just not plugged into what is considered cute and hot anymore. He meets Audrina for dinner, and claims to not understand the menu.

"What's funny is that my last conversation with Audrina, she told me I was gonna end up a lonely old man if I don't go after basically what I believe in, and I believe in this. Had the two who were the most jaded about love reluctantly fallen into it? Things are never as they seem on "The Hills." Only moments after the end credits rolled, MTV aired a live after-show special from New York City.