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I think he's had his example set by Scarlett's ups and downs of being in the spotlight for a minute so maybe he'll learn from that.I also think he seems a little impulsive so when he gets that cheque he's wanting to fly all over the world and buy motorcycles and blow it, so it might be fun to see him come into a large amount of cash and then kind of go crazy, because he hasn't really had that opportunity before.But I think the two of them will help each other." 7.We're so jealous of Sam's scene with Kelly Clarkson. "Nashville's a small city but in terms of musical talents and famous musicians, they're kind of dotted everywhere.The lovebirds' debuted their romance by attending Maren Morris and her husband Ryan Hurd's 2018 wedding as a couple. But that's still a while away, so it's just as well the DVD is out to keep us occupied (and, um, singing) in the meantime. I meet a lot of English folks who've been out here for a few years and you can really hear that it's turning very American. "I think they've had such a great musical journey together throughout season one and then season two has been a little up in the air and a little dramatic and lots of things happening, but the songs they sing and the two characters together really are firm fan favourites, and we get so many tweets and messages about, 'Gunnar and Scarlett, when are they back together?At the moment he's been quite conservative with it and bought a nice little house and obviously will probably buy himself some nice guitars but it would be really fun to see him pop a couple of bottles of champagne and hop on a jet to Miami and see what happens there." 6.

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There's a chap here called Hunter Hayes who's having huge success right now with his albums and whatnot. And why does Sam want to be a playboy with the ability to fly next season? "The American accent comes on working weeks and stays on all day on set, until they say 'cut' and send us home for the night, and then my English accent pops back to life.

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