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Did you leave Austin because of your breakup with (singer-songwriter) Patty Griffin (in 2014), or because of your experiences with the US judiciary? You’re so passionate about history, and yet not a bit nostalgic about the music that you’ve created in the past. THE TRUTH: "The hermit" was merely inspired by a figure from a Tarot card.When it came time for number four, in November 1971, they stripped things down even further, refusing to print a single word anywhere on the record sleeve, not even their own names, apparently in hopes of causing confusion among the hated rock press. It’s a big world, music, now, and some of it gets to me and some of it doesn’t. Well, I think it ran out of steam a little bit, didn’t it? It probably peaked, did what it had to do, and now the hybrids of rock have become like Them Crooked Vultures and people like that, which is good music but it’s not rock. Maybe my idea of what rock was probably was a bit lost in translation. Sadly I’m not, so sometimes I miss things completely. When are we going to see you in Europe, summer 2018? They’re working on it now, talking to people in Istanbul and Beirut, and we’ll make our way round to you guys, I hope. It shows you that people have nothing else to write about, obviously. All these magazines and internet platforms should be supporting new music and help new musicians to find an audience, instead of dwelling on the old crap all the time. It’s cute, and it’s a song I used to sing when I was a kid, before I was a singer. You’ve announced live dates in America and Australia. But there’s very little going on in rock music these days, wouldn’t you agree? What do you think about the rumours that keep popping up about a Led Zep reunion tour in 2018? But don’t you find it amusing sometimes to always be reading in the press about your future plans? But, hey, there’s better ways to entertain yourself, believe me.

"So that is why the fourth album was untitled." Naturally, this created some confusion – and it infuriated Atlantic Records.

Age: 73 Birthplace: Ripley, England More Eric Clapton #48 of 2115 on The Greatest Musical Artists of All Time #11 of 295 on The Greatest Living Rock Songwriters #42 of 269 on The Top Pop Artists of the 1960s #20 of 386 on The Greatest Classic Rock Bands American musician and actor Kris Kristofferson and Janis Joplin dated in 1969.

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