Windows server 2016 dns not updating

01-Aug-2020 02:57

I had quickly logged in after a reboot previous to launching the promotion wizard.As mentioned in the comments below, this error also could have been avoided by entering in the “Supply the credentials to perform this operation” domain credentials on the Deployment Configuration screen.

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After installing, you will have a functional Windows Server 2016 domain controller, functioning at the lowest functional level required for your legacy DCs (lowest being Windows 2008 level).

If you are installing a forest root domain controller that is using Active Directory-integrated DNS, you typically do not need to be concerned about this warning message.

I ran into this error on the next screen – “Could not retrieve domain controllers. As it turns out, the issue for me was that I was logged in as a local administrator and not a enterprise administrator from the domain.

This is mainly due to FRS being completely deprecated which is the replication service used to replicate SYSVOL contents.

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Windows Server 2016 only supports domain controllers that use DFS for replication.

For the zone in question i have refresh interval of 15 minutes, retry 10 minutes, expiration 1 day, TTL 1 hour. I had most of that in place but did find the DHCP lease time for the wireless scope was set to 7 days and Name Protection was not enabled.

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